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High quality development and scanning, all inclusive starting from 12€

Our prices

Development + scan, development only, scan only

C41 or BW dev + scan

Color, BW, ECN2 or E6 cross-processed, push and pull

For further information please refer to this link
All prices include VAT.

sizeFuji SP3000Pinguino (120 films only)
size M 12€*18€
size L 14€*20€
size XL 18€*24€
King (120 film, 6x4.5 excluded) 28€*service not available
King (35mm or 6x4.5) 38€*service not available

* dust removal on BW films has an additional cost of 6€


Scan of already developed film

Entire film roll

All prices include VAT.

sizeFuji SP3000Pinguino (120 film only)
size M 8€12€
size L 10€14€
size XL 14€18€
King (120 film, 6x4.5 excluded) 24€service not available
King (35mm or 6x4.5) 34€service not available

Individual frames
All prices include VAT

sizeFuji SP3000Pinguino
size M 0,70€1,40€
size L 1,20€2,40€
size XL 1,50€3,00€
King (up to 50MP) 6,00€6,00€

Digital contact sheet

Digital proof print of your roll made with our Pinguino

You can require a digital proof print for your 120 or 35mm film.
In case you will be drum-scanning some of the frames in this roll, we will detract the contact sheet price from further scans.
The digital proof print can be printed in A2 size at a resolution of 300dpi.

Digital contact sheet at 600 dpi: 4€


Dev only, without scan

For further info please refer to this link

C41 development

8€ (VAT incl.)

Black and white development or ECN2 film with remjet developed in C41

12€ (VAT incl.)

Print service

Fine art or chemical RA4 print

Contact us in order to know more about the services we are offering and their price.

Send us your rolls

You can deliver us your film using the shipper of your choice by downloading the order form you can find at this link.

How do we give back to you your rolls

We can also keep them for a while

You can decide whether you want your rolls back immediately or let us keep them for a period.
We can send them back to you instantly by paying an extra fee of 3€.
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If you have any question or feel confused just contact us, we are here to help!